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Electrification Solutions

We are an Indonesian company that is dedicated to providing access to affordable, clean and renewable energy for all.

Lack of electricity prevents socio – economic development. We aim to help solve the energy problems in Indonesia, ensuring access to easy and affordable clean energy, anywhere, anytime

We have Innovative Energy Solutions for a more sustainable world

Electrification Solutions
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Did you know?

Coal in indonesia


of Indonesia's Energy comes from coal

power problems indonesia

50 million

Indonesians do not have access to power

(20% of the population)

power outages in Indonesia

Power Outages

Frequent electricity interruptions, lasting from less than 15 minutes to several hours.

Indonesian Islands

17,000 islands

are out of reach of the national electricity grid.

Light bulb EIA
Electrification EIA

Our Electrification Solutions

Our solutions harness renewable energy, it’s about cost-effective, sustainable energy storage systems. We supply advanced battery containers and team-up with partners on the ground to power communities long after the sun has set and the winds have died down. From islands to off grid solution and large-scale industrial grids, we can assist the PLN power off grid areas.

Our proposed solutions consist of intelligent energy cubes with an integrated battery . It combines the simplicity of a solar home system with the power of a mini-grid.  Our answer to the challenges of rural and off-grid, industrial and mining electrification. We have solutions for all your energy needs.


Our Extendable Energy Solutions

We supply extendible sustainable energy systems that supply Renewable Power anywhere, anytime.

Mini ESS System

A modular Energy Storage System (ESS) serves that serves different applications

mini ees.jpg

Medium ESS

As a turnkey solution, it is possible to integrate the Medium ESS as an Off-Grid and On-Grid application

medium ess.jpg

Large ESS System

Large is a modular concept of the System Container (ASC) and Battery Container (ABC).

large ESS.jpg

Solar Energy


Depending on the scope and needs, we also supply affordable housing & water solutions.

Housing EIA
Water and UVC Indonesia

Electrification Benefits

Reduce Energy

Reduce Energy Consumption

Save money Benefit

Save Money & Reduce Costs

Reduce Emissions

Reduce Emissions

Job Creation
Job Creation

Job Creation

Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management

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