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Plastic & Waste Solutions

Moving to a circular economy is seen as a way towards dealing with the plastic waste and pollution that has been generated from the ‘throw-away culture’ of a linear economy where resources are thrown away when they are no longer seen as useful.

Garbage is a resource with economic value that may be used to produce energy, compost, fertilizer, and industrial raw materials, among other things.

Increase plastic lifecycle to prevent plastic waste, from becoming, plastic pollution

Did you know?


 4 of Indonesia's rivers rank among the top 20 most polluted in the world


of waste is unsorted

remains uncollected


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Indonesia is 2nd to China as the World's largest contributor ton plastic pollution


3.2 million 

tons of waste is dumped into the sea each year

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Our Plastic and Waste Solutions

As a major consumer of single-use plastic, the construction industry can help to drastically reduce waste by using less and reusing more in the form of recycled materials. As such we engage companies and products in our affordable housing projects and utilise materials that are repurposed for construction


EIA’s value proposition is to facilitate the circular economy by remaking and recycling plastic, for use in the construction materials of our housing projects. Plastic is used for various applications such as seals, windows and doors, pipes, cables, floor coverings, and insulation

Our Aim:

We aim to improve and facilitate waste bank and waste management program.

Improve the environment by recycling locally-sourced plastic waste and reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfills, waterways or oceans

Create sustainable jobs for surrounding communities along the waste management value chain

Advance the circular economy by creating high-quality recycled materials that can be used to manufacture sustainable products

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Plastic is not the problem. We can use plastics to change the world for better, creating an environmentally sustainable solution with a positive impact on the environment
Stainless Steel Hollow Bars

Most Common Plastics used in Construction are


Depending on the scope and needs, we also supply electrification and water solutions.

Electrification Indonesia
Water and UVC Indonesia


Recycling Benefits

Reduce Energy Consumption

Save money Benefit

Save Money & Reduce Costs


Job Creation


Improve Health


Safe Clean Water 


Reduce Emissions

Smart Energy Management

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