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water & UVC

Water & UVC Solutions

The Government has set an ambitious plan through the National Medium Term Planning (RPJM) 2020-2024 targeting 100% safe access of drinking water supply by 2024. We want to help Indonesia meet these goals, while also assisting in cleaning of polluted waters and the recycle and reuse of wastewater.

Our proposed solutions consist of UVC treatment for water, a new enzyme cleaning system and many more solutions for all your water needs.

Water and UVC

Did you know?

Image by Deborah L Carlson

28 million



safe water.

Polluted rivers in Indonesia


of Rivers in Indonesia are polluted.

Of these, 70% are polluted with domestic waste

water well indonesia.jpg

of shallow wells are contaminated by sewage,

and 10% by iron & manganese

Water and UVC

Our Water & UVC Solutions

Indonesia is facing various challenges within the water sector. Regarding the municipal sector, solutions for the treatment of wastewater are urgently needed. The existing sewage treatment plants are heavily overloaded and the majority of Indonesia’s wastewater is not being treated. 

Water and UVC

UVC for HVAC Systems

Energi Inovasi Asia is dedicated to delivering scientific, evidence-based solutions to the ever-increasing problems associated with delivering high Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

UVC for Drinking water

Wastewater may be recycled, and reusable water could end up saving money and conserving the world. Wastewater is processed to eliminate toxins, creating pure, safe drinking water.

Water and UVC

Water Pollution

Water and UVC

Water & UVC Benefits

reduce energy

Reduce Energy Consumption

Save money Benefit

Save Money & Reduce Costs

extend asset life

Extend Life of Assets

improve health

Improve Health

safe clean water

Safe Clean Water 

improved productivity

Improved Productivity

reduced maintenance

Reduce Maintenance & increase asset lifecycle

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality & Reduce SIck Building Syndrome

Reduce emissions

Reduce Emissions

Cost effective

Cost Effective

Job creation

Job Creation

Mitigate infection

Mitigate Infection

Smart Energy Management

smart energy management systems
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